Meet Our Miss Collierville Titleholders

Amber Reed

Miss Collierville 2017

20 years old

Union University

Platform: Empowering Kids For Life

Gabriella Genereaux

Miss Collierville’s Outstanding Teen 2017

16 years old

Evangelical Christian School

Platform: Leading Children To Success


Our History

The Miss Collierville Scholarship Organization is part of the historic Miss America Organization. At the local, state and national level, the Miss America Organization provides more than $45 million in scholarships to deserving young women throughout the U.S. – making it the largest scholarship program for young women. Volunteers support this entire system and no one profits financially from our efforts.

For 22 years, the Town of Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts department/Harrell Theater has produced the Miss Collierville Pageant – a one-day event held to select a representative for our city and to award scholarships to talented, well-spoken young women. What you don’t see is the other 364 days a year where our program is involved in supporting educational efforts, encouraging community service and providing young women with a forum in which to express their talents, intelligence and opinions in culture, politics and the community.

Our Former Titleholders:

Miss Collierville

2016 — Madison Snipes (Top 10 at Miss Tennessee)

2015 – Miranda Dyer (Top 15 at Miss Tennessee)

2014 – Elyssa Howell (Top 16 at Miss Tennessee)
2013 – Jessica Haas (Top Ten at Miss Tennessee)
2012 – Anna Leigh Phillips (Top Ten at Miss Tennessee)
2011 – Erin Hatley (Miss Tennessee)
2010 – Mandy Wolf (Non-Finalist Winner)
2009 – Anna Humerickhouse (Community Service Winner)
2008 – Katie Moynihan (Top Ten at Miss Tennessee)
2007 – Madeline Littrell (Top Ten at Miss Tennessee)
2006 – Megan Burnett
2005 – Amy Robbins
2004 – Ashley Cole (Non-Finalist Winner)
2003 – Shelly Deaux
2002 – Angela Smith
2001 – Rachelle Phillips
2000 – Ani Ross
1999 – Amy Stolarick
1998 – Lori Presley (Non-Finalist Winner)
1997 – Jenni Gianola (Top Ten at Miss Tennessee)
1996 – Niki Caldwell

Miss Collierville’s Outstanding Teen

2016 — Cara Grace Donaldson

2015- Christal Williamson

2014 – Olivia Shawkey (2nd Runner Up)
2013 – Chandler Booth (Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen 2013)
2012 – Amber Reed (1st Runner Up)
2011 – Maddie Lane (1st Runner Up)
2010 – Brady Boyd (1st Runner Up)
2009 – Elizabeth Murphree (3rd Runner Up)
2008 – Kristel Quon
2007 – Ivy DePew (Talent Winner)
2006 – Elizabeth Looney
2005 – Sam Pappas
2004 – Nicole Jordan (Talent Winner)

The Miss Collierville Scholarship Organization has provided personal and professional opportunities for the young women who have held the title of Miss Collierville. They have promoted their voice in culture, politics and community. They are representative of their generation, using their stature to address community service matters and other contemporary issues.

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